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Ј Darkhaan Uul pictures. (20 pictures) Mongolia. 04.08.2008

Ј Chinggis Khaan Statue Complex. (8 pictures) Mongolia. 02.08.2008

Ј Ulaanbaatar pictures 2008. (16 pictures) Mongolia. 02.08.2008

Ј Mongolian people. Pictures 2008.(24 pictures) Mongolia. 02.08.2008

Ј Eej Khad (Mother Rock). (12 pictures) Mongolia. 30.07.2008

Ј Chinggis Khaans cavalry ridersshow (16 pictures). Mongolia. 15.07.2008

Ј Museum of Mongolian costumes (16 pictures). Mongolia. 12.07.2008

Ј Total Solar Eclipse 2008 August 01. Mongolia. 17.04.2008

Ј New Russia visa regulations: A foreign citizen can obtain a visa to& Russia ONLY in the country of his/her citizenship. Exceptions include those who have a residence permit for a foreign country for the period more than 90 days. Russia. 04.04.2008

Ј Chinggis Khaans cavalry riders show 2007. Mongolia. 22.02.2008

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