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Прогулки по Москве. К западу от центра города, запад, северо-запад, юго-запад Москвы.



К западу от центра города, запад, северо-запад, юго-запад Москвы.

Бульварное кольцо
  • Chekhov House-Museum
  • Fedor Shalyapin museum
  • Moscow Zoo (M. Barrikadnaya)
    The Moscow Zoo is one of the largest in the world. The oldest zoo in Russia, established in 1864, passed a long way from a small zoological garden to the large scientific, educational and conservation institution. The Moscow Zoological garden was founded by the All-Russia Emperor Society for Acclimatization of Plants and Animals.
  • Patriarshi pond
Вокруг площади Никитские ворота
  • Ploshad Nikitskie vorota
  • M.Gorky House museum
  • Ch. Fedora Studita u Nikitskih vorot
  • Ch. Bolshogo Vozneseniya
  • Yermolova House
Садовое кольцо


Белый дом
Воздвиженка и Новый Арбат
  • House of Friendship with Peoples of Foreign Countries
  • Church of St Simeon the Stylite
  • Arbat is one the oldest streets in Moscow. Its name comes from the Arabic «rabad» which means «the suburbs». The street came into being in the XIV - XV centuries. For most Muscovites «Arbat» has a broader meaning, it also embodies the neighboring side streets and court-yards which have kept a special «Moscow» spirit. In house number 53 there is «Pushkin' s apartment in Arbat» museum, where the great poet lived with his young wife three happy honeymoons. In the mid 80s of last century Arbat became the first pedestrian street in Moscow. There appeared a stone pavement, loans and decorative streetlamps. Nowadays Arbat is as popular with the guests of the capital as Red square. There souvenirs and hand-made articles are sold, street singers and musicians sing and play, artists draw portraits.
  • Church of the Savior in Peski
  • Wall of Peace.
  • Melnikov House
  • Pushkin Arbat House-Museum.
  • Foreign Affairs Ministry
  • Pushkin Fine Arts Museum
  • Museum of Private Collections.
  • St Antipy-by-the-Carriagehouse
  • Ministry of Defense
  • Cathedral of Christ the Savior (Khram Khrista Spasitelya).
    The Cathedral of Christ the Savior is an architectural monument with a unique fate. It was built in 1883 in a so called Russian-Byzantine style from the design by architect Konstantin Ton. It was built with people's donations. In 1931 the Cathedral was exploded by Stalin's personal order to make way for a huge Palace of Soviets in its place; however its unfinished foundation pit was turned into an open swimming pool «Moscow» in 1958. In 1994 it was decided to reconstruct the Cathedral. The building recreation was based on old photos, drawings and sketches, but using modern technologies. At the end of the XX century it took only six years to reconstruct the Cathedral while its original construction lasted 45 years. On August 19, 2000 the Cathedral was sanctified.
  • Pushkin Literary Museum.
  • Tolstoy Museum.
  • Church of St Nicholas of the Weavers.
  • Borodino panorama.
  • Triumphal Arch.
  • Central museum of the Great Patriotic War 1941-1945 years
  • Church of the Intercession
  • Arkhangelskoe.
    On the Moscow River a short distance west of Moscow’s outer ring road is one of the grandest estates in the region, Arkhangelskoe. Unhappily, the palace has been under restoration and closed for years, and a big question mark still hangs over the reopening date. However, the beautiful grounds are worth a visit in any case. A grandson of Dmitry Golitsyn, a statesman under Peter the Great, started work on a palace in the 1780s but lost interest and sold it all to Prince Nikolay Yusupov, one of the richest Russians of that time or since, who filled it with his treasures.
  • Novodevichy Convent (branch of the State Historical Museum) 
    Founded in 1524, it was conceived as a monument to the conquest of Smolensk by Vasily III. Its location at the bend of the Moskva River opposite the Vorobyovy Hills indicates that it was also important as a stronghold protecting the approaches to the capital. The Smolensk Cathedral is known for its splendid iconostasis completed between 1683 and 1685 - the work of court painters headed by the famous Fyodor Zubov. Mighty walls 870 metres long and 11 metres high, with 12 towers, surround the entire territory of the Tonvent, covering about 5 hectares. Architectural and artistic composition of the Tonvent ensemble is embellished by a very beautiful bell tower that is commonly called "the Bride of Ivan the Great".
  • Военно-морской музей в Москве.
Москва. Достопримечательности.

Москва. Достопримечательности.

Москва. Достопримечательности.

Москва. Достопримечательности.

Москва. Достопримечательности.

Москва. Достопримечательности.

Москва. Достопримечательности.

Москва. Достопримечательности.




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